Ultimate scoring software and service

The development of scoring system started at mid 2009. Since the start we carried out a lot of competiions including:

You can check out video tutorials and try beta version of the system, it is free.

We were continiously working on improving user experiece, adding and rethinking features, simplifying usage of the system. Using all the gathered experience now we are proud to present you new J2 scoring system:
  • Reasonably easy deploy. Dead simple to use.
  • Easy scalable from club level competition (improved spreadsheet editor) to international events (multiple panels with separate input for each judge, CJP and Superior judges montoring, multiple automated scoreboards support, scoreboard and protocols customisation and whatever else you can think of).
We providing scoring service, as well as software usage licenses. Right now standalone version is in beta (open for testing) stage. For pricing, demo version and more detatiled description please contact us at [email protected].